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The Line: Phase 3


Egerton Bridge in the background, the line has taken a ninety degree turn from the phase two terminus and crosses Corporation Road/Canning Street before taking the rise up to the present terminus. (D.Pendleton)  
The view from the terminus near to Taylor Street and the Old Colonial Pub. The track running off to the right leads to Taylor Street depot. (D.Pendleton)

Looking up the hill to the terminus. The track to Taylor
Street can be seen branching off more clearly.
(M Mercer)
Here we see the track running across Taylor Street and into the depot. (M Mercer)
Trackwork completed.
The white building on the left is the Old Colonial. (D.Pendleton)
78 has just crossed Canning Street heading for Woodside. Taylor Street depot can be seen to the left of the tram - it's the grey building in the sunlight.  
On the right 78 rounds the curve at Egerton Bridge.
While the Wirral College was being built, the tramway found itself passing through the construction site! On the left we are travelling back to Taylor Street on the last tram and our crew, Mike Mercer and Keith Carmichael, are obliged to close the gate near the Shore Road crossing.  
Car 78 is hemmed in by street furniture.


Crossing Canning Street.
The trackwork at the entrance to Taylor Street depot.