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Archive 2004


Saturday 18th December 2004

Four of Santa's helpers on the day - from the left Chris Lowe, Denis Butler, Terry Martin, Ron Martin.
(pic by D.Pendleton)

(above) Santa's Tramshed Superintendent (John Harrison) came all the way from Lapland for the day. (Oh yes he did!)

Terry Martin (MTPS Chairman) presented a model of one of the Hong Kong cars to Noel Marsdon who was retiring at the end of that day after 11 years service with the Birkenhead Heritage Tramway. (pics by D. Butler)

Santa's Tram staff (Sheila Butler and Rob Jones) helping the children on board Birkenhead 20 to meet Father Christmas.
(pic by D. Butler)


Children having their faces painted before visiting Santa.
(pic by D. Butler)


Saturday 16th October 2004

Hong Kong Car No 69 back in service and running as smooth as a Swiss watch, after a complete truck overhaul. (pics by D. Butler)


Sunday 19th September 2004

MTPS driver Keith Carmichael, ready to leave Woodside Ferry on Sunday afternoon 19th Sept 04 with passengers destined for Taylor Street where they will transfer to a vintage bus that will take them to New Brighton for the Vintage Car Rally. (pic by D.Butler)

Wednesday 29th September 2004

A photograph by Denis Butler showing the latest addition to the MTPS collection of trams. No it's not 245! Under the cover is Warrington No.2 (see below)


Sunday 12th September 2004
MTPS annual trip to Crich

Left: 869 Awaits its Merseyside passengers (pic by D.Butler). Right: Is this David and Goliath? 869 is towed out of the workshops by a miniature electric truck after having the trolley head checked after a dewirement. (pic by D.Butler)

Friday 6th August 2004

Warrington No.2 transported from St Helens to Woodside

On Saturday 24th July 2004, Warrington No.2 was safely delivered to Taylor Street depot and now awaits restoration by MTPS members. (all Taylor St pics - D.Pendleton)


Warrington No.2 being prepared for lifting at
St Helens Transport Museum. (pic by D.Butler)
The very last tram to leave St Helens Tram Depot was Warrington No.2 on Saturday 24th July 2004. Destination Taylor Street Birkenhead for future restoration. (pic by D.Butler)

Left: Arrival at Taylor Street Saturday 24th July 2004. Right: Preparing to hoist Warrington No.2 off the wagon.

Thursday 22nd July 2004

Dundee Steam Trailer no.2

Now that this project is complete, we are turning our attention to Warrington No.2, which will arrive soon, and the "working" Lisbon car. So there is still plenty to do for interested parties.....

Also, the new model railway gallery, motorbike and old car display is now open at Taylor St. - possibly the only transport museum on Merseyside!!!


The outcome of this "restoration" is a new waiting room, just inside the depot at Taylor Street.
These two views were taken on Members day, 28th March 2004.

Saturday 17th July 2004

Members of the Fylde Tramway Society paid a visit to the tramway on July 1st. They arrived by vintage bus, but judging by the destination blind here, seem determined to return by tram! (pic by D. Butler)