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Archive 2007



Thursday 20th December 2007

The MTPS Members Christmas Party.
(pics by Denis Butler )



Sunday, 7th October 2007

The Wirral Bus and Tram Show.
(pics by Denis Butler )

Tram crew ready for the day's passenger service.
Driver Geoff Martin and his wife taking charge of no.78
78 at Pacific Road interchange.
Replica Llandudno tramcar visits Birkenhead Heritage Tramway for the day.
Passengers that have travelled from Woodside Ferry by tram taking a break and looking round Taylor St depot.


Sunday 9th September 2007
MTPS members coach trip to the National Tramway Museum, Crich.
(pics by Denis Butler)

MTPS member learner drivers under instruction. Driving 869 at Crich.

MTPS Membership Secretary Denis Butler, driving 869 under the supervision of Malcolm Wright.



Thursday 2nd August 2007

A visit by the Wirral Postcard Society, calling at Taylor Street Depot and a trip out to the Ferry, on a lovely sunny evening. Keith Carmichael (standing) was the tram driver for the evening. The other two seated to his right were a pair of stowaways from the workshop, Mike Mercer (left) and Harry Bryant.

(pics by Denis Butler)



Thursday 28th June 2007

Sales girls on the Toy Stall. Sheila Butler and Wendy Mercer at the Teddy Bear day last Saturday.

(pic by Mike Mercer)



Monday 25th June 2007 - visitors to Birkenhead

(All pics by Denis Butler)

The group of students from Malaya with MTPS secretary ROB JONES kneeling on the right of the picture and LISBON 730 in the background.


The society paid a visit to the Heritage Tramway as part of their weekend tour of Merseyrail Electric.
(above) group photo of the BRANCH LINE SOCIETY. W ill they all get on? (below)
NO more standing room. Just like LISBON!
Some of the group travelled on the service car Birkenhead 20
Liverpool 762 was used for the second part of the tour, taking the group over the tracks that are seldom used. (above) 762 enters Pacific Road Depot again after many years.
(above left) 762 is parked over the original inspection pit in Pacific Rd depot. (above right) Outward Bound.
(above) Final trip back to Taylor St.


Monday 11th June 2007 - a visit to Crich.

An Email from Eric Shenton (MTPS member no.133), relating his recent visit to Crich and news of 869: "Just thought I`d send some of the photos I took at Crich last week. 869 has been undergoing repairs since last October and when we arrived on June 1st we saw her being taken for a trial run. Apparently there is still a problem when changing to parallel. We used my MTPS membership card and were given a very friendly personal tour of the workshop and obviously boarded 869 to take a closer look. She looked rather too glossy on the outside- my memories of Liverpool trams were that the paintwork was somewhat dulled in service. What is lacking is a Littlewoods Pools-Win £75000 advertisement on the sides. What is Crich`s policy over such matters?"
(pics by E.Shenton)



Monday 9th April 2007
Birkenhead 69 in service over the Easter Weekend after an overhaul and repaint.

First we see No 69 in original livery of Birkenhead Tramways as delivered from Hong Kong in 1993 (with Birkenhead 10). Then painted in the post war Blue and Cream bus livery that would have been adopted for the tram fleet had they survived in to the 1950's, and our friend and transfer genius Stan Letts preparing the lettering for the side of No 69. (pics by M.Mercer)


Saturday 7th April 2007

Some more scenes of old track being uncovered in the Church Street/Whitechapel area in early March 2007. To think it could have been new track being laid. (pics by S.Pendleton)


Thursday 1st March 2007 - cover up revealed!

A message from Norman Daley (MTPS member no.184), he says:

I was in Liverpool for two days early last week and on the way back to Lime Street Station I walked along Church Street. In all the building work going on in the pedestrianised area I noticed that some tramlines are being uncovered. I happened to have a camera with me so thought you might like to see a photo. What price for a ride on the 6A/40! I noticed that lines already removed are being placed to one side. I am sure that you will all know about this. It does make you think how much track is still under the "tarmac". I remember that lines in the central reservations were lifted easily and that those in the roadway were usually just covered over.