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Saturday 30th December 2006
All trams out at the end of the year!

The line up of five drivers, the "key" men (from left to right Mike Mercer, Bob Sanders, Geoff Martin, Keith Carmichael, and Ron Martin, and the five trams leaving Pacific Road.

Wednesday 27th December 2006
Some photos from the MTPS 2006 Christmas Dinner.

The event was held on Thursday evening the 21st December at the Dispensary Pub, Birkenhead, only yards away from the tramway. Members were able to have a tram ride by moonlight before making their way to the pub for dinner. A good time was had by all.

Thursday 16th November 2006
a visit by the 25th Birkenhead Cub Scouts to Taylor Street guided by MTPS member Keith Carmichael (centre back) and Andrew Kayley (right)

Trams in far away places
a picture of two Hong Kong trams sent to us recently. I think the green one is a neat design while still looking like a tram.

More trams at night
27th October 2006. Woodside Ferry Terminal
Trams at night - 27th October 2006
The occasion being the Friday night opening of the Merseyside Model Railway Society exhibition at Pacific Road when Wallasey 78 and Lisbon 730 provided the service.
Saturday 8th April 2006

Lisbon Tram 730 was yesterday inspected by HMRI and passed out for use on the Birkenhead Heritage Tramway.
The inaugural ride for the members who bought tickets will now be on Good Friday at 1pm not 10am as previously announced.

For public service with 730 we have to wait until the final certification is complete which will take around three weeks.
Winters' Days. Yet more snow.
Hong Kong No.70. 3rd and 11th March 2006.
Window restoration. Birkenhead No.69.

No.69 is having fixed windows fitted and a repaint. This will make the car look more like the later versions being built in Hong Kong .

The car will be painted in the blue and cream of the post war Birkenhead Corporation Buses.

Friday 17th February 2006
Further testing for Lisbon 730. Lisbon 730 returned from testing under the watchful eye of Wallasey 78.

Saturday 28th January 2006
Wallasey 78 - Work has started on the lining out of the cream panels with dark green.

Monday 9th January 2006
An interesting piece of news appeared on the British Trams Online website yesterday concerning Liverpool 762:


Sunday 8 January 2006

Negotiations have commenced between Blackpool Transport, the Merseyside Tramcar Preservation Society and the Lancastrian Transport Trust for the possible short term loan of Liverpool 762 to Blackpool for the 2006 Totally Transport event in June.

Totally Transport was run for the first time in 2005 and the LTT (as organisers of the event) are looking to build on the success. Over 500 vehicles and 15,000 visitors flocked to the event on Blackpool’s South Promenade last June and it is hoped the addition of visiting classic trams will add further to the interest the event seems to provide.

If the deal does go ahead the cost of transporting 762 to Blackpool will be funded by a series of special tram tours, aimed at both the normal public and tram enthusiasts, before the tram takes centre stage at the event to be held on Sunday 25 June. The tram would most likely stay in the resort for 3-4 weeks to allow for commissioning, driver training and the aforementioned tours.

If this does go ahead the organisers of the event should be congratulated for adding more interest to tram events in the UK! Full details on this story can be found at Blackpool

Source: Paul Turner from Yahoo! Groups Blackpool Transport"