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Friday 30th December 2005



Tuesday 27th December 2005 - some further information from Mike Mercer:

The Keystone from the Birkenhead Tramway Offices has been bought by Wirral museums from the demolition company for £200 and is now at the Taylor Street Museum. The building was only ever used as Horse Tramway offices - tram tracks ran to the building, horsetrams were stored there with the horses in stables at the rear. A few years ago we rescued the timber saddle hangers from the stables at the rear of the recently demolished building, these are also at Taylor Street museum. When the horse trams finished the building was never on an electric tramway route.


Friday 23rd December 2005 - a depressing tale for Christmas sent in by Charles Roberts.

The demolition of the Birkenhead Tramway Company's offices. October 2005

Sunday 18th December 2005 - an uplifting tale for Christmas!

This is not Birkenhead's answer to Blackpool's Starr Gate Turning Circle!

Due to the fact that the Hong Kong cars have only one main staircase at the end of the car, it is essential that the trams are facing Woodside Ferry Terminus the correct way for loading and unloading.

When these trams returned from Blackpool after their trial period, No.69 was placed on the tracks the opposite way around to No.70. This meant that No.69 saw very little service. Now that both the Hong Kong sisters are the correct way around they can sing along the wires together.

(all pics by M.Mercer)

We would like to thank TRAM POWER who paid the full cost of the crane, used for turning Hong Kong Tram No69 around.

Tuesday 6th December 2005

CITYTRAM left Birkenhead on Tuesday morning 6th December 2005. Destination Blackpool, for further trials. (photos M. Mercer)
Sunday 27th November 2005 - CITYTRAM in action on Heritage Tramway.
(all pictures by D.Butler)

Wallasey 78 features in Heritage Lottery Event.

Wallasey 78, which was restored with the help of the Heritage Lottery Fund, acts as a backdrop to the presentation of bags of Heritage Lottery "goodies" to two of the children at the event. (left) On the right is a fine picture of 78 complete with banner attached to the upper deck climbing away from Woodside with the river in the background. (pics by D.Butler)

Liverpool 245.

Agreement has been reached between MTPS and Liverpool Museum. It is hoped to have 245 at Taylor Street by Spring 2006. In the meantime here is 245 up and running in "O" scale on Denis Butler's layout (below left)
(pic by D.Butler)

Prof. Lewis Leslie's City Tram on Test.
So that's how it's done! Terry Martin puts the finishing touches to the lining out on Birkenhead 70.
(pic by Charles Roberts
courtesy of the Online Transport Archive, )
Sunday 31st July 2005 - FOUR TRAMS IN SERVICE!
Sunday 31st July was the day chosen to try four trams in operation. One car would stand at each end (discharging/loading) while two cars would be en route. When we joined the proceedings, Liverpool 762 had just left Taylor St. leaving Birkenhead 70 (looking so much better in traditional livery) as the next car out.
Presently Birkenhead 20 arrives driven by Keith Carmichael and swings into the depot connection to unload passengers.
The departure of 70 is soon followed by the arrival of Wallasey 78.
We are travelling on 20 and approaching the passing loop at Pacific Rd where 762 awaits our arrival.
An intensive service requires a good turnout of volunteers and staff. All credit to those that took part. Here Geoff Martin goes to change the points ready for the departure of 20.
Having changed the points, Geoff cleverly conceals the point iron and reverts back to his role as "station controller" at the Old Colonial end. (well someone's got to do it!)
70 stands at Woodside as we pull in on the adjacent siding.
70 has left and been replaced by 78 with driver Mike Mercer (in blue shirt) as we leave Woodside.
We return to Pacific Rd loop to exchange tokens with 762 again but Keith is running two minutes late and takes off with our conductor, Martin Connolly in hot pursuit (right)
Yes, Keith did stop for him, but takes five on arrival at Old Colonial, leaving Martin to recover and Geoff shaking his head.
However Geoff is soon back in action as 762 departs later.

Sat 16/07/05.

After ten years of the Heritage Tramway operating in Birkenhead, Mike and Wendy Mercer became the first man and wife team to crew one of the tramcars.

Another first of the day.

Liverpool 762 became host at the wedding of Jaz and Steve Martin of Birkenhead. We would like to wish them all the best and a happy future. (They are not related to any of the MTPS members with the same surname!)
Service car Birkenhead 20 due out in 5 minutes while Wallasey 78 is taking on a private party of day visitors from North Wales.
Liverpool 762 with passengers enjoying a sunny afternoon on Merseyside.

Friday 3rd June 2005

Latest pictures of 78 taken last Friday 27th May 2005. The tram was on test run for
truck adjustment after the wheel sets had been refitted. (pics by D.Butler)

Sunday 15th May 2005
The only way to travel!
762 ready to collect a party of tourists arriving
at Woodside Ferry on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in May. (pic by D.Butler)
762 at woodside Ferry awaiting the party of tourists to come ashore. (pic by D.Butler)

Tuesday 12th April 2005

LIVERPOOL 293 at Seashore USA

This item appeared in the Yahoo model-tram group mail from Tony Tieuli in Canada. I sought his permission to use the photos on our website. Here is his reply:

"You certainly may post these photos on your website. The photos are a few years old, but the car essentially stays the same under cover.
I remember when it arrived from England as bright as a new penny. People forget that 48 years have passed and 293 has spent more time in a museum setting than on the streets of Liverpool. I often wonder if a coat of paint would do a lot to assuage the feelings of UK enthusiasts. Like the Feltham, the wiring in the car needs replacement, but structurally, it seems to be in fairly good shape. To its credit, Seashore has taken derelict cars and made them like new again. All they need is money and talent. I suspect that any tram skilled UK guy that wanted to spend a few weeks in Maine looking after 293 would be welcomed with open arms. Don’t forget the money!"